We work consistently to select the right staff for your business, undertaking the recruitment and payroll procedures, and creating an electronic file with the details of each employee, separately.

  • Hiring Procedures - From Employment contracts to Collection & Filing of legal documents for hiring employees.
  • Maintaining individual employee data files.
  • Calculation of employee compensation based on time records, benefits, and taxes.
  • Receiving and coordinating requests for leaves.
  • Manage changes to statuses and job titles.
  • Checking - issuing - paying monthly salaries, EFKA monthly statements, detailed periodic statements, and special taxes.
  • Monitoring staff working hours.
  • Annual clearing of usage fees.
  • Suggestions for organizing the daily work schedule to increase productivity.
  • Cost analysis of each department.
  • Compliance with payroll policies, procedures, and relevant legislation.
  • Determination of tax obligations.
  • Informing employees and resolving queries related to work matters.
  • Live reporting and updating staff costs and efficiency.

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