We undertake the design of the marketing strategy of your business, emphasizing the prominence of the brand against the competition. Our priority is the dynamic presence in all promotion channels, conventional and digital.

  • Designing your Social Media Strategy.
  • Configuration of the brand's accounts.
  • Enrichment of social media accounts with all the necessary information (descriptions, photographic material, etc.).
  • Content Creation.
  • Themed Content Creation for specific occasions.
  • Content Management with Storytelling and scheduling posts on specific dates.
  • Competition Monitoring.
  • Following market trends.
  • Digital Community Management – responses to comments & messages to promote the brand.
  • Effectiveness Measurement & Reporting.
  • Social Media Advertising Campaigns
  • Google My Business Profile.
  • Google Reviews – Responses to comments and messages.
  • Google Statistics.
  • Google Ads campaigns.
  • Website Design Consultancy.
  • Publicity Consultancy.

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