Hospitality Way S.A. is a greek company that operates two prestigious and high-profile lodges in Santorini, 5 stars ranked each: Santorini Princess Hotel & Spa in Imerovigli and Santorini Princess Presidential Suites, a complex of 4 luxurious villas in Akrotiri.

Both brands were founded in 2004, and before the beginning of the collaboration with DIRIGO, the company sustained a significant market share in Santorini. Earning Stars, day-by-day, through high-quality service, customer-centric hospitality, and luxurious amenities for guests, the company reached in a short time the 5-star ranking, which it retains until the present. Great popularity and a huge number of excellent reviews brought with them great responsibility and pressure to the owners to maintain (if not exceed) the quality of the services, considering a rather challenging financial environment and a quite competitive market on the island of Santorini.

Our collaboration started in January 2016, when DIRIGO was responsible for all the accounting and tax services of the company, maintaining a solid goal of profit and revenue increase. The vision was clear: the company needed to save resources - both economic and human - in order to keep the cash flow and invest in even more experiential activities for guests.

Expanding our collaboration, DIRIGO undertook more fields of business operations, acquiring the total management of the Reservations Procedures, Sales, Financial Design, Digital Marketing Strategy, and Customer Care.

We offered our services including:

Through an integrated data system, in combination with our professional expertise, our Client managed to gain access to a rich database with all company’s information where there was:

Real-time reporting of bookings, revenue and sales.
Financial forecasting which enforces decision-making processes
Scenarios for further operational development.
Direct connection through reservations / accounting / marketing activities.

Our Client's results:

Revenue Rate
Bookings Segmentation

More about our Client:

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