Dirigo offers a wide range of management services, including:
Business and operational planning

Always committed to making all clients’ dreams a reality, Dirigo offers first-class business consulting and operational planning packages so as to help clients set new objectives and develop their businesses further. Dirigo provides management and coordination of new and existing projects.

Budgeting and investment plans

Constantly looking ahead, Dirigo is responsible for forward-thinking strategic planning, finance expansion and innovative financial management techniques leading to maximized efficiency. We can provide resources to develop and manage the owner’s budget for each project they undertake.

Information Technology, Online Services and Distribution Systems

Efficient use of sophisticated cloud based data management and accounting systems increases profitability and ensures that all aspects of our clients’ activities are managed and directed in the most optimal way possible. Dirigo provides resources to develop client specific tools and processes that bring continuity to the management of every project while the owners have continuous access to performance and financial reports, no matter where they are.

Customer Care

By transferring your company’s customer care services to our exclusively trained team, owners are able to offer clients a heightened level of service while taking advantage of our advanced techniques and tools offered to our clients free of charge. Always listening to our customers’ needs, our services are available 365 days a year, from 7 am to 11 pm (local time).

Events Management

From our first contact to the day an event takes place, we monitor all event management procedures and guide our customers through every step of the organization of their event using advanced management and reservations’ techniques.

Constant monitoring of a property’s performance

Our state-of-the-art cloud based system enables us to monitor and grow our clients’ financial results while improving the financial state of all the businesses we manage through an eye for detail and devotion to success from the commencement of a project through to its completion.